You Are Going To Make It Part 2

Take Care of Yourself

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You have been through so many trials and tribulations. You have fantasied, dreamed, cried, screamed, you have felt every known negative emotion via your nervous system, and here you are…

Still walking, running, and standing in your territory, loving Yourself unconditionally.

Continue to take care of yourself first.

Your brain and mind are close knit partners.

The brain and body stand as physical elements forming functional organs upholding life.

Sensory-motor reflexes together with programmed movements, from basal ganglia, represent the majority of brain operational control

over body movement.

The superior advanced development of the cerebral cortex and thalamus has induced an emergent property of the active brain ”The Mind”.

The flowing out of the Mind from sensory inputs defines self with memories and emotions, stimulates cognition forming brackets of understanding, and makes decisions for initiating motor actions expressing behavior and speech content.

I will expound on these happy hormones produced by the brain next time.





You can do all things through the Creator of the Universe.

Continue practicing and experiencing the actions below.

Plan your day. Schedule breaks each day instead of waiting for things to slow down. Your mind and body need ongoing rest.

Give generously. Thinking about others makes us feel less burdened. Do

something to make your spouse or a stranger smile.

Consider your purpose. Any task is more bearable when you remember the reasons behind it. Ask yourself what you like about your work.

Protect your career and take care of your health by giving yourself enough downtime to refresh and recharge. When a vacation is out of the question, treat yourself to some rest and relaxation wherever you find yourself.


Remember, treat yourself kindly, nurturing, fairly, and continue to explore, expand, learn and grow; especially in unconditional love for You!

Happiness & Happiness with Rachel



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Rachel Lee White

Rachel Lee White


Marketer who is a Published Author, Motivational Speaker, Consultant