”You Are Extraordinary Within Your Limits, But Your Limits Are Extraordinary ” Gertrude Stein

The Lost Generation of the Twentieth Century

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Gertrude Stein, a poet, and writer her poetry were often difficult to understand. Ms. Stein was a history maker. Born in America, but returned to Paris where her home became a gathering place for other writers and artists. She supported new styles and encouraged several American writers including Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Stein is the one who called this group of distinguished talent the ” Lost Generation.”

This group of postwar American writers of the 1920s had lost their faith in the cultural guideposts of the Victorian era. Many were inspired by their ”lost” condition to search for new truths and fresh ways to express those fresh thoughts and ideas.

The Lost Generation Poets

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ezra Pound

John Dos Passos

Sherwood Anderson

Sylvia Beach

John Steinbeck

William Faulkner




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