What Is The #1 Thing Everyone Should Do Tomorrow To Kick Start Their Efforts With Vibrancy And Happiness?

Cultivating Healthy Relationships

Practice mindfulness everyday and all the time.

Right here, right now.

Here is one great mindfulness hack you can use to stay grounded and present no matter what time of day or where you are.

You can use the 3 Breaths technique to anchor your awareness firmly in the present. It’s so easy you can do it right now as you’re reading this. Simply bring your attention to your breath — breathe in slowly and gently, following the path of your breath with your mind. Feel it deep in your belly. Then breathe out slowly and gently, again paying attention to the movement of your breath. Can you feel a subtle energy shift, a calm peacefulness? That is how mindfulness feels.

You can do this anywhere at any time, and no one will know that you are practicing mindfulness.

Life is beautiful when your perspective is congruent with the Creator of the Universe’s Plan and Outlook. He is the Alpha and Omega,

Happiness & Vibrancy with Rachel

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