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Disconnect from your History/Past!

So that you Can Connect to your Future!

#1). Write about it, talk about it, express your concerns and feelings about it as long as required; then!
#2). Move ahead in your mindset.
#3) Increase your emotional intelligence.
A) Build your self-awareness
B) Cultivate your self-regulation by cooperating with the Spirit of the Creator of the Universe who has sealed your spirit until the day of redemption. And renew your physical mind to the word of God so that the mind of Christ whom you possess in your quickened spirit can dominate in your life.
C) Enhance your demonstration of empathy for others
D) Intentionally Sharpen your social skills
#4) Seek the Kingdom of God and all things will be added.
Walking in the perfect will of God for your life requires an intimate, personal relationship with His Spirit of Truth who abides in you.
#5) Everything that you need is within you. So, relax and enter inside and commune with Him.
#6) Remember, He has the last say anyways, the final Authority.

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