His Grace Is Sufficient for You!

The Full Definition of Grace

Rachel Lee White
2 min readMar 2, 2022


Maturity and growth are part of life. This is true not just on the physical level, but also on the spiritual level. When you get born again, God saves you by grace; He then immediately begins working in you to grow you up from a spiritual infant to fully mature adult in Christ. He does this through His Holy Spirit, who demonstrates to you God’s infinite love and undeserved favor.

  • 1. Grace is the companion who faithfully follows us all our lives and never abandons us. The continuation of being saved by grace is our discipline by grace. The same grace that saves us also matures us spiritually.
  • 2. All grace and truth come from Christ. Grace does not excuse sin but leads us out of it. Grace is not a license to sin; it actually teaches us to live godly lifestyles.
  • 3. Grace is the operation of God’s love, for those who believe and receive Jesus. Religion focuses on how much we should love God; Grace focuses on how much He loves us. We must believe in this love.
  • 4. We could never do enough good things to deserve God’s favor. It is a gift of love.
  • 5. Unlike the law, grace is favor toward those who deserve the opposite. Because of grace, we do not receive the bad things we deserve.
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