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As Christians, the power that enables us to handle spiritual warfare with skill and ease comes from a personal relationship with God that is so strong that we carry awareness of His presence with us everywhere we go. When we focus on Him and experience His infinite love, we are changed and empowered to do things we are unable to do in the natural. Human intellect falls short of trusting God and allowing Him to show His love to us. The quality of our lives depends on Jesus and our faith in His love. By being still and quieting our noisy spirits, we position ourselves to see Him for who He is and receive everything He wants to give us.

God’s power lies in His love for us. We access this power by believing He loves us deeply.

The first act of the Holy Spirit is to pour the love of God into our hearts. This gives us the ability to do what we cannot do in the natural.

Religion concentrates on how much we should love God; Paul preached the value of experiencing how much God loves us. Our faith works based on how much we believe God’s love for us. The enemy’s strategy is to persuade us that God does not love us.

It’s not favorable to be too busy or have a mind too crowded to experience God’s love. We must quiet our spirits and submit to what He has for us.

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Rachel Lee White

Rachel Lee White


Marketer who is a Published Author, Motivational Speaker, Consultant