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“But when I do feel at my weakest moment and feel my heart bleeding from the brutal fracturing of my innermost being. And I fall to my knees beside the bed, and I think, I cry, then, every molecule, cell and fiber of my being scream for just one more hug, one more word, one more smile, one more.”

Do you rehearse that line in your head? If you only had one miracle, you would go back and do things differently…relish that person more and forget the trivial things. When you think you cannot stomach it anymore, write a letter. Tell your loved one how much you care and yearn for one more moment together. Express what you would do given the power. Depositing your thoughts on paper will free your mind from wrestling with them.

Everybody has regrets about how much better things could have been. This common human experience is one that we all share. Bring any repentance to your existing relationships. Tell the people around you that you love them, that you value time with them, that they are worthy. Take any regrets and use them as catalysts to make your life today more fruitful for you and your loved ones. Empower now the way you live a living honor to the person you lost.

Joy & Vitality with Rachel





Marketer who is a Published Author, Motivational Speaker, Consultant

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Rachel Lee White

Rachel Lee White

Marketer who is a Published Author, Motivational Speaker, Consultant

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