God Is Really Allowing Mankind To Walk In His Image More And More

There is Nothing That His Imagination Can Not Do

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Starting on foot, donkey, camels, horses, horses and carriages and buggies, vehicles, automobiles, electric cars, trains, boats, ships, airplanes, jets, helicopters, rockets, space shuttles, satellites and more to come.

I was reading an article on gestational surrogacy where a man from China used a surrogacy Company located in United States to carry his biological embryo that was in vitro fertilization with a donor other than the surrogate candidate. While reading the moving , intriguing story regarding the issue of the man not able to travel during the corona pandemic and the surrounding issues with the new born baby ability to obtain a passport; the surrogate mother is temporarily stuck with the baby.

Now what does this have to do with God allowing mankind to walk in His image? Well, I believe that Mother marry was the first surrogate candidate for in vitro fertilization performed by God. And God is allowing mankind to walk in this wisdom and revelation knowledge for personal purposes just as He did.

God needed to get His son into the earth legally to fulfill his promise of the Covenant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. You know the story.

And, by the way, the surrogate mother kept the baby for 90 days voluntarily for the Man, father until an emergency passport was issued for the baby and arrangements for travel for the father to pick up his baby.

Lord, give us wisdom and revelation knowledge to fulfill the will of God for our lives.




Marketer who is a Published Author, Motivational Speaker, Consultant

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Rachel Lee White

Rachel Lee White

Marketer who is a Published Author, Motivational Speaker, Consultant

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