Emotional Intelligence

Have you ever had compassion for yourself mistaking it for self-pity?

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Well, as I write I feel compassion for myself and writing is an act of showing myself love. Something happened this week that hurt my feelings, like an arrow shot into my heart “ouch”. Someone dear to me rejected me in a small but meaningful way. I knew that She had a history of selfishness, but I thought after she experienced a traumatic event in her recent life, and I extended myself in several occasions to support and assist her. I traveled geographically and psychologically to communicate my sincere heartfelt, tender loving affection.

I tried to be a mature Christian and brush it off and just let it go. However, here I am writing myself a heart- felt, tender-loving, compassionate letter me, myself. I have been rejected by too many people who loved me, and I am still not immune to the feelings of rejection. Because I am a valuable human being like everyone else, it has taken me all my life to reach this point where I must accept me, myself, and I. I must admit to myself; it is okay that I am not perfect. Also, I am aware that she is not perfect either. I just cannot understand how someone can deliberately hurt someone when it can be avoided by just stepping aside themselves for a moment.

When all emotions and feelings are expressed and disburse, I will soar even higher because the truth will set you free.

I stopped momentarily, made a call to her, and shared this letter. She responded, “all I can do is say I am sorry.” I responded by telling her at least I know where I stand in our relationship as my older sister.

Emotional intelligence is being able to be assertive; Do you know what you want? Can you ask for what you want? Are you open about your wants and needs?

They lack the interest in sympathizing or empathizing with others.

I feel a lot better, because I allowed myself to feel, think, write, talk, and express my truth in an assertive and emotionally intelligent manner. My feeling was hurt, but my self-esteem and perspective is intact.

All that I was asking my sister was could I spend a couple of days at her home. She refused me by saying she did not have enough room. I suggested the couch, she responded, “I do not let anyone sleep on my couch.”

I will end on this note: I cannot control, nor do I want to control what anyone does, but I am grateful that my emotional intelligence is congruent with my personal, spiritual and professional development.





Marketer who is a Published Author, Motivational Speaker, Consultant

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Rachel Lee White

Rachel Lee White

Marketer who is a Published Author, Motivational Speaker, Consultant

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