Help Us To Yield To You Jehovah Gmolah

I was sitting at my desk working on a digital project and casually surfing the internet when I was captivated by a post referring to a biblical scripture.

Gosh! It threw a curve at me! It struct me like a bow and arrow piercing my heart.

Stay with me, hold…

The Lost Generation of the Twentieth Century

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Gertrude Stein, a poet, and writer her poetry were often difficult to understand. Ms. Stein was a history maker. Born in America, but returned to Paris where her home became a gathering place for other writers and artists. She supported new styles and encouraged several American writers including Ernest Hemingway…

“I Can Not Keep This Secret Any Longer

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It has been about six weeks ago, I was traveling on the road headed to home. My hands on the steering wheel, my face mask intact as I offensively cater to the large traffic. I had an epiphany… I knew it was Him because I know His voice. My sheep…

Relational Versus Religious

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Intimacy Versus Casual

You are created in the image of the Creator of the Universe!

You are becoming who you need to be so that you can accomplish your divine purpose/assignment on planet Earth.


Do you have your priorities set?

Are you busy and anxious about…

He has the Whole World in His HANDS

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We all need a time for grieving, quiet time for reflecting to sift through memories so that we can cope and deal with directly what has happened.

We all need a time for falling, flowing, and rolling tear drops down our faces, cheeks so that we can feel the tender…

“God’s Got You”

Grace, Goodness & Mercy is Bigger than your Trials and Tribulations

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As Christians, the power that enables us to handle spiritual warfare with skill and ease comes from a personal relationship with God that is so strong that we carry awareness of His presence with us everywhere we go. When we focus on Him and experience His infinite love, we are…

His Presence & Faith Is Enough

The Winning Team

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Peter 1:1–3 • 2 Peter 3:18 • Daniel 11:32 • John 1:1, 14 • Acts 19:14–16 • 2 Timothy 3:12 • Psalm 20:7 • Proverbs 3:5, Bible (KJV)

When we go through trials and tribulations, God waits for us to invite…

Rachel Lee White

Marketer who is a Published Author, Motivational Speaker, Consultant

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